Shared Learning

Medium Schemes

The FramewoS17_9000rk Community Board (FWCB) objective is to achieve a team-focused community aimed at producing and supporting a continuous programme of work. This results in a sustainable performance standard which produces a benchmark for the industry that all parties to the Framework Agreement can be proud of. The FWCB is soon to elect a replacement chair, following the retirement of  Peter Barclay,  and comprises of a representative from each contractor as well as representatives from member organisations. Representatives of the subcontractors and general supply chain may intermittently (or perhaps continuously) also be members of the FWCB.

The FWCB hold meetings regularly, usually every two months. It provides a great opportunity to share information about:

  • target priceJo S17_8935
  • outturn cost
  • time predictability
  • KPI Information
  • innovations
  • near misses
  • lessons learnt.

Since the beginning of MSF 1, a number of case studies have been presented to the FWCB. Discussions at the FWCB have also contributed to a number of reports and the Harmonised Specification and Standard Details which can all be downloaded from the Members Area.

To see the latest Framework Community Board schedule please click here to go to our MHA event calendar.