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Midlands Highway Alliance Plus  (MHA+) was formed from the merger of three regional efficiencies groups, the Midlands Highway Alliance, the Midlands Service Improvement Group and the West Midlands Highway Alliance. The new Alliance (July 2020) has a membership of 35 local highway authorities from across the Midlands and beyond.

The groups had common aims and objectives and strengths that were complementary. The key drivers from the Government Construction 2025 strategy are intrinsic in the preparation of the MHA+ business plans and objectives. Information about the three groups are provided below.

Midlands Service Improvements Group (MSIG)

MSIG was formed in 1997 as the Midlands Regional Best Value Group, to deal with matters concerning Best Value and Performance Management, initially with 13 members. It became MSIG in 2003, the new name better reflecting the purpose of the group, which is to act as a beacon of good practice and service improvement. Its membership has grown to its current 24. It has 15 task groups that meet regularly to look at and discuss specific areas of highway and transportation provision.
MSIG offers a website with a wealth of reference documents, benchmarking data and presentations as well as dedicated online discussion boards for each task group area.

West Midlands Highway Alliance (WMHA)

The West Midlands Highway Alliance (WMHA) was established as an unincorporated, local authority led body originally consisting of 14 local authorities which was created to orchestrate and oversee a programme which would accelerate the achievement of value and efficiencies within the region. Out of this, a need for professional services framework was identified and two framework contracts were let:

WMHA Term Service Professional Services Contract (Worcestershire & Telford & Wrekin) and the WMHA Professional Services Framework (Solihull, Warwickshire, Coventry).

In recent years, the WMHA has reformed itself and currently has 10 local authorities as members. The WMHA also offers a networking environment, a monthly newsletter and website for sharing resources

Midlands Highway Alliance (MHA)

MHA was formed in 2007 originally of 10 members – but grew over the years to 24 at the time of the merger. The alliance was seen as an exemplar by the National Audit Office and was used as a template for similar alliances across the country. By procuring collaborative frameworks, based on the New Engineering Contract for the design of and construction of major highway schemes, it delivered savings for its members of about £4million a year. It also developed a Learning Management System to support its members in using the frameworks.

Leicestershire County Council acts as the host authority for the alliance, and provides support in the areas of financial management, procurement and communications. It also employs four of the five MHA+ staff, namely the alliance manager, performance and finance officer; framework manager, skills and development manager. The fifth member of the team is the Task Group Coordinator who is employed by Derbyshire County Council.

The alliance is managed by an Executive Board, to give strategic direction, and a Programme Board, which gives a technical overview of the work of the groups.

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