MHA+ Funded Projects

MHA+ Project Funding

Funding has always been ring-fenced to support service development and projects.

The left side bar identifies projects that received funding from Midlands Highway Alliance.

The 2020 merger has enabled an increase in the expertise available and we want to :

  • maximise and encourage sharing of expertise
  • identify best practice
  • support service improvement
  • minimise duplication
  • procure expertise when needed

Groups are reviewing their terms of reference and merge activities, including procurement of services from external suppliers, which enables efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Project Funding

Projects can range from a half- day workshop on highway inspection criteria to a more in-depth assessment into key national imperatives, such as Climate Change Adaptation.

It is envisaged that some projects will cut across the remits of more than one group – the commissioning process will specify

  • contextual information
  • supplier credentials
  • budget, project outputs and timescales.

The documents to support the commissioning process can be found by accessing our Information Sharing Platform – which is for MHA members and requires registration – here’s how you can be a ISP user