Professional Services

The purpose of the professional services workstream is to ensure that Midlands Highway Alliance (MHA) member authorities have easy and economical access to consultancy services. This is done by establishing a professional services framework that all authorities can use. It takes into account (as far as is practicable) the needs and aspirations of member authorities in that procurement process.

The current framework, Professional Services Partnership 3 (PSP 3) went live on 29 April 2019. The two successful bidders for Lot 1 Professional services are (in alphabetical order) AECOM and Amey OW, and for Lot 2 Secondments (in alphabetical order) Matchtech and Waterman. AECOM and Waterman are the primary suppliers for their respective lots.

These PSP 3 framework documents are now available:

For access to specific PSP 3 commissioning documents – click on PSP 3 Commission Manual on the left hand side bar

PSP3 replaces Professional Services Partnership 2 (PSP 2), which was awarded to AECOM (formerly URS) on 28 April 2015. AECOM used a virtual partnership with Waterman for the secondment of professional and technical staff. The scheme delivered nearly £61 million worth of engineering, environmental, planning and design services in its four-year tenure.

The scope of the PSP 3 framework is broad and intended to cover all aspects of local highway authorities’ work.

The supplier framework allows the contractors to identify collaborative opportunities that will maximise efficiencies across the alliance. Secondments enable authorities to deliver a range of services, including major highway improvements, maintenance and road safety projects, town centre regeneration schemes and transport studies.

PSP 2, achieved savings of 12% on a turnover of £61 million – it was the third generation of frameworks procured by the MHA used by 22 of the MHA member authorities. It is based on the New Engineering Contract (NEC) Framework Contract and the Professional Services contract.

PSP 1, achieved savings of 12% on a turnover of £29 million – it was the second generation of frameworks procured by the MHA used by 14 of the MHA member authorities.

Click here to download the PSP 3 contact card that provides communication details for the supplier framework managers.

Alternatively, contact Karen Notman, Chair of the Professional Services workstream on 0116 305 2412  or