Framework Community Board

Professional Services

A Framework Community Board (FCB), comprising representatives of each member authority using PSP3, and a representative of each supplier, will meet bi-monthly to review contract issues, workload, integration, performance, innovation, shared learning and other matters which might arise. The Framework Community Board will report to the Programme Board.

The FCB objective is to achieve a team-focused community aimed at producing and supporting a continuous programme of work resulting in a sustainable performance standard which produces a benchmark for the industry and that all parties to the Framework can be proud of. In addition to this, the FCB is tasked with promoting the Framework and develop a complete understanding of each FCB member’s requirements and challenges. These include, but are not limited to, the Performance Toolkit, design/planning, resources, training, welfare, commercial disputes and clarifications, health and safety, risk management social value and sustainability.

The FCB is to act impartially and with a stakeholder-focused approach. To ensure a collaborative procedure is maintained, the members of the FCB are all able and responsible for contributing to, and influencing, the performance of the Framework Contract. The FCB shall refer to the Programme Board any matter that it considers appropriate in respect of amendments to the MHA Performance Toolkit or any other element of the Framework Contract, originating from the Best Practice working groups or otherwise.

With the expected volume of information under review, and to ensure that the stakeholder’s views and requirements are addressed, the FCB acts to co-ordinate and manage the Best Practice Working Group process.

Best Practice Working Groups, attended by those invited by the FCB, will be established to ensure issues are addressed and performance is analysed on a regular basis. These Groups may focus on:

  • Commercial;
  • Performance;
  • Innovation, efficiency and improvement;
  • Best practice and value engineering;
  • Health and safety;
  • Skills;
  • Quality Plans; and,
  • Sustainability.

A Process Manual will be developed by the FCB which will set protocols for:-

  • Managing finance
  • Managing the workload
  • Nomination of staff and roles
  • Design brief preparation and update
  • Commission proposal approval and target setting
  • Commonality of scheme documentation and paperwork
  • Managing performance of the framework, with both internal and external indicators

When they are agreed, dates for the meetings will be posted here