PSP 3 Procurement

Background to the development of PSP 3

The MHA Executive Board discussed a replacement for the PSP 2 framework at its meeting in November 2017. With the growth of the alliance, the need for more resilience in the framework, and the level of interest in the framework from the market, it was  agreed that a move away from a single supplier was needed.

The board asked that soft market testing should be done, both to ascertain a preferred method as well as how to make the opportunity to be a supplier, as attractive to the market as possible.

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) Notice was issued in February 2018 asking for industry views on how procurement should be organised and 15 responses have been received.

Details of these were released in a second PIN, released on Tuesday 15 May 2019

Information of the contract opportunity was available on contract finder

Suppliers were asked to make their comments via the pro contract system.

These were reviewed by MHA Executive Board in mid-June; and there was a preference  for a four lot option, two for Professional Services and two for secondments. The ratio of quality to price was agreed as 50-50.

As a result of feedback from the presentation at the MHA 2018 annual event, (October), the Executive Board agreed to the framework consisting of two lots, one for Professional Services and one for secondments, with two suppliers on each lot.

The Contract OJEU notice was published on 30 November 2018  click here to download. There was a return date of 7 January 2019.

The tender opportunity was Open. In addition, in order to ensure that the aims of the procurement exercise were clear – a bidders day was held on 29 November 2018, which was well attended.

Ten tenders were submitted, seven for Lot 1 and three for Lot 2.

A team of assessors from across the MHA marked the tender submissions both for price and quality

As a result the contracts were awarded on 29 April 2019

These are (in alphabetical order):-

Lot 1 Professional Services:


Amey Consulting

Lot 2 Secondments



AECOM and Waterman are the primary suppliers for their respective lots.

Click here to download the PSP 3 contact card that provides communication details for the supplier framework managers.

You can download the PSP 3 Framework Information via the links below:

Here’s the link to the OJEU Award Notice.