Work streams

Medium Schemes

Projects and developments with no upper limit

Professional Services

Includes civil engineering design services

MHA+ Funded Projects

Funding to support service development 

MHA+ Skills Community

Learning and development

MHA+ Service Improvement Groups

Formerly MSIG task groups

Case Studies

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What we do

The Midlands Highway Alliance Plus is a unique self-funding partnership promoting excellence in the delivery of highway services, working collaboratively to support member authorities in providing effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable customer focussed highway services.

We strive to:

  • Develop and share best practice in developing highway services
  • Provide effective routes to market that reflect best value, quality and innovation
  • Influence the national agenda by direct participation and lobbying

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Latest news

Shortages and supply chain issues are highlighted in this presentation Resource and Inflation Risk on Current and Future Projects from the August Framework Community Board meeting.