Professional Services

PSP 1 (ended March 2015)

  • £26m throughput of work in 4 years (expectation was 13m)
  • 14 member authorities using PSP1 (expectation was 6)
  • £3.5m savings generated (expectation was £1.4m)

PSP 2 (ended April 2019)

  • Procurement process complete and awarded to AECOM Waterman on 28 April 2015
  • Delivered nearly £61 m worth of engineering, environmental, planning and design services in its four-year tenure.

PSP 3 (started April 2019)

  • The two successful bidders for Lot 1 Professional services were AECOM and Amey Consulting, and for Lot 2 Secondments Matchtech and Waterman
  • The framework will be worth up to £70m over four years

Medium Schemes Framework


  • Delivered 60 schemes worth £250m


  • MSF 2 delivered 47 schemes worth £295m
  • Good practice review – NEC/CDM 2015 training


  • Successful procurement of MSF 3
  • Learning and development opportunities to support NEC4 commissioned and available to members, contractors and their supply chain
  • MSF 3 – stage 0 (quotation) – to stage 2 (construction) £344 m; completed schemes £56m

Service Improvement Groups (SIG)

  • 16 Service Improvement Groups available for members to join
  • Upgraded SIG site – with secure access to a extensive range of information on SIG for registered members
  • Asset management best practice
  • over 275 entries (made by SIG members) on the Efficiencies and Benefits log since 2010
  • SIG meetings  – with a corresponding increase in participation from member authorities

Skills and MHA+ development

  • Employment and Skills plans in place for all medium framework schemes, adding social value to our schemes
  • Bespoke learning management commissioned providing access to a range of learning, training and development interventions for our members, contractors and their supply chain
  • updated MHA+ skills and competency matrix in place
  • A range of training, learning and development interventions (NEC4, project sponsor, PM/SM accreditation, virtual learning modules)
  • bite size technical webinars provided by our framework suppliers
  • Bespoke information sharing platform (isp) commissioned  – providing secure access to MHA+ information for registered users