Carbon Steering Group

Carbon reduction technologies and initiatives are rapidly increasing across all sectors. In this fast-paced environment, it is vital to help keep member authorities informed about developments in the highways sector and provide a means of sharing best practice. 

The MHA+ Carbon Steering Group is a new group for members, chaired by Chris Green from Leicestershire County Council. Its purpose is to provide a focus for MHA+ in relation to all matters pertaining to the carbon reduction agenda in the Highways sector.

Our work will include, ensuring members are aware of the work being completed by the Government and various organisations, such as the Future Highways Research Group (FHRG), National Highways & Transport Network (NHT), ADEPT and the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF), etc. This alongside making sure MHA+, on behalf of members, influences how the carbon agenda is shaped and developed both regionally and nationally. The group will also seek to find and provide good examples of best practices in this rapidly developing area and reduce duplication of effort. 

If you want more information about the group, please contact Ian Bamforth.