BIM Level 2 tools

Following an Innovate UK competition in 2013, two essential parts of the BIM Level 2 implementation plan were developed to sit alongside the BIM Level 2 documentation, enabling the industry to greatly improve the procurement process through the use of data and data verification.

Learning Outcomes Framework

The BIM Learning Outcomes Framework (LOF) provides consistent information on BIM Level 2 to institutions, academia, training providers and private educators developing and delivering training courses to professionals in the sector. This aims to build capacity development in the industry.

Download the Learning Outcomes Framework

The B1M

The B1M is a free video resource which aims to support the construction industry in its adoption of BIM. With original new content released each week, the B1M channel is available for those new to BIM, those currently adopting the processes or for those simply seeking inspiration.

To access this useful resource of ideas, case studies, talks and much more, visit the B1M website.