Merger 2020/21

Midlands Highway Alliance (MHA)
Midlands Service Improvement Group (MSIG)
West Midlands Highway Alliance (WMHA)

From 2020, work was undertaken with the Midlands Service Improvement Group and the West Midlands Highway Alliance – with a view to the three organisations merging. It was envisaged that it would be a staged approach – over two years.

The 2020/21 business plan identified the activities planned by the Midlands Highway Alliance and the Midlands Service Improvement Group over the financial year, and how they will be funded.

View and download the 2021/22 business planĀ 

The plan took account of the merger between the Midlands Highway Alliance, Midlands Service Improvement Group and the West Midlands Highway Alliance. It included consideration on how duplication is minimised and expertise maximised – given the consequent increase in Midlands Highway Alliance Plus (MHA+) member authorities.

Progress on the planned merger has been made and these key documents provide background information:

A range of information was presented for consideration at the Joint Midlands Highway Alliance Executive Board/Midlands Service Improvement Group SteeringĀ  Group meeting planned to be held on 19 March 2020. Due to our commitment to adhere to the Government COVID -19 requirements – this meeting was cancelled.

The documents that were to be discussed were: