PSP 4 Procurement

20 September ( MHA+ annual event)

PSP 4 launch presentation click here

September update

The Contract Award Notices were published on 7 September 2023

Find a Tender Service click here to download

Contracts Finder Services CAN: click here to download

July 2023 update

PSP 4 Award and background to the Framework Information – click here to view

June 2023 update

PSP 4 media release issued – click here to view

Contracts Finder has been updated for the extended end date of the Professional Services Partnership 3 (PSP 3), which expired on 27 August 2023, with the new PSP 4 framework commencing on 28 August 2023. Click here to find the information

March 2023 update

A bidders session was held on 3 March 2023 – session content is available via the Procontract system.

February 2023 update

The Professional Services Partnership 4 (PSP 4) Contract Notice was published on 21 February 2023 (Find a Tender Service) – click here to download – with a return date of 5 April 2023

January 2023 update

The Contracts Finder notice has been updated with the Market Consultation Outcome and is available to suppliers who viewed the PIN questionnaire via the Procontract system.

Background to the development of PSP 4

A replacement for the PSP 3 framework was discussed at the MHA+ Programme Board at its meeting in December 2021 and the Executive Board at its meeting in March 2022.

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) Notice, asking for industry views on how procurement should be organised, was published on Find a Tender in April 2022 – with a response date of 19 May 2022. The purpose was ”Soft market testing” –  both to ascertain a preferred method, as well as how to make the opportunity to be a supplier as attractive to the market as possible) 

Suppliers were asked to make their comments via the Procontract system.

MHA+ Professional Services Framework – Improvement Survey which closed at the end of July 2022.

The feedback from both the PIN and the client feedback survey has been reviewed and used to determine preferences for the format of the PSP 4  framework – such as the number of lots; number of suppliers and the ratio of quality to price used as part of the procurement assessment processes. The recommendations were considered by the MHA+ Programme Board, for subsequent approval by the MHA+ Executive Board.

A team of assessors from across MHA+ undertook PSP 4 planning, development and  assessor roles and the contract was awarded in July 2023.

Learning, training and development to support delivery of the Professional Services Contract is available via the MHA+ learning management system lms.

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