Performance Management

Medium Schemes

The Framework Community Board (FWCB) has established a performance management working group to simplify the basic requirements and increase the awareness of the revised reporting procedures with emphasis on reported savings.

The working group has identified two reasons for reporting performance measures:

  • To monitor progress toward meeting the aims and objectives of the FWCB
  • To comply with the requirements of the contractor selection process as described in the framework information
  • To allow MSF2 projects to be benchmarked against projects delivered through other procurement routes.

In many cases a single performance measure will serve both purposes. The  MHA Performance Management Toolkit provides a lot of detailed performance measures, however individual projects are also encouraged to develop their own performance measures as appropriate.

Information will be collated in a presentation every two months in advance of each FWCB so that core measures can be discussed at the meeting. Whilst the contractor remains responsible for providing the performance measures together with all available supporting information, it is important that the whole project team discuss and agrees the information before it is forwarded to the MHA performance and finance officer for inclusion in the FWCB reports.