NEC has produced a new Practice Note from Peter Higgins, NEC 4 Board Chair, and Ian Heaphy, NEC 4 Board Member.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become an increasingly important part of project design, improving the efficiency of works and easing building maintenance requirements after construction is complete.

All NEC 4 contracts, except the short contracts, provide for the creation or modification of an Information Model in secondary Option X10, with the requirements for the model contained in the Information Model Requirements which form part of the Scope.

There are a number of protocols and guides for the creation and modification of an information model. A new Information Protocol was published in May 2020 by UK BIM Framework in association with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) to support ISO10650.

This practice note takes this Protocol and shows how to incorporate it into NEC 4 ECC using the secondary option X10. The guidance also applies to other NEC contracts with terminology amended to suit.

This freely available Practice Note can be viewed or downloaded here.

The recent Construction Week  (23/03/21)  webinar BIM in local authorities can be viewed here (you will need to login using a social media platform login)

Information on BIM is also available here.