Employment and Skills Planning

MHA+ Skills Community

An Employment and Skills Plan (ESP) is developed for each scheme delivered as part of the MHA+ medium schemes framework  (msf), this forms part of the performance management processes that are integrated into scheme delivery – and illustrates anticipated training and learning outcomes achieved. In addition, the data has been augmented by building social value priorities click here to access pertinent information on the work being undertaken to evidence local benefits created from the scheme.

An Employment and Skills Plan (ESP) provides target benchmarks against fourteen employment and skills areas, into the planning and procurement processes. These remain valid and were ratified by the National Construction Skills Academy Group and were developed and approved by the construction industry. Click here to view completed schemes ESP summaries

Midlands Highway Alliance Plus incorporated ESP into their processes, to provide performance information to evidence progress and achievement on the required employment and skills areas for Medium Schemes Frameworks (MSF)

MHA+ continues to embed the Construction Skills’ National Skills Academy for Construction (NSAfC) Client Based Approach (CBA) as part of their performance management. This approach to employment and skills management remains relevant and our ESP strategy retains fourteen (14) employment and skills activity areas for completion. This information is captured through regular monitoring processes and includes:

  • Work experience
  • Construction curriculum support activities
  • Graduates
  • Jobs created on construction projects
  • Advanced health and safety training for subcontractors
  • Leadership and management training for subcontractors

How to complete an Employment and Skills Plan

Original guidance and templates to support the completion of an Employment and Skills Plan.

MHA+ Medium Schemes Framework 4 (MSF 4) follows this guidance and requires the completion of our Employment and Skills Plan – summarising the targets (and any benchmark requirements) that will be achieved during the scheme.

Initial targets and their achievement can be mapped using the MSF 4 ESP template click here to download

Click here to download the MSF 3 ESP template