Development of MSF3

During the autumn of 2016 and the spring of 2017, the current Framework Community Board (FWCB) has considered the potential development of a further Medium Schemes Framework.

There have been industry wide discussions including a presentation to the Civil Engineering Contractors Association and liaison with other regional frameworks including with the National Association of Construction Frameworks.


The MHA Executive Board has now approved the  MSF3 Business Case for the preparation of a replacement framework.

A Contract Notice has now been published. The closing date for the MSF3 selection questionnaire was 24th November and the applications from contractors will now be considered and tenders invited early in the New Year.

When the new framework starts in summer next year it will no longer have a limit to the size of projects it can be used for, the contract will be one of the first to use the new NEC4 contract. The MHA is making training available for colleagues to update their skills from NEC3 to NEC4 follow link to calendar.