MHA+ Annual Event 2022 – Carbon Reduction and Value

virtual delegate pack – MHA+ annual event on 22 June 2022.

Speaker presentations will be uploaded after the event where available.





BIM Working Group - Philip Reid Eurovia, Ben McGrath Waterman Aspen, Jonathon Monk Lincolnshire County Council, Tom Scholes Oxfordshire County Council, Michala Medcalf Derby City, Jonathon Simons AECOM

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A Tree For Every Resident - Scott Tompkins Warwickshire County Council

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Exceptional Lift - Jamie Missenden Galliford Try

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Innovations & Initiatives - Stuart McLeod Balfour Beatty

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Keeping Gender On The Agenda - Julie Cartwright Eurovia

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Low Carbon Surfacing - Jessica Tuck AECOM

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Staffordshire Live Labs - Seb Corbey & Will Shipley Amey

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Valuing Mental Health - Jamie Missenden Galliford Try

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Whole Life Carbon Modelling Approach - Paul Binks Lancashire County Council

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Carbon Management Plans - Eoin Harris AECOM

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Proving Value For Money & Carbon Reduction - Karen Farquharson Simon Wilson Proving Services

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Creating Infrastructure - Mark Baptist Amey

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Route to Net Zero - Dave Allen Waterman Aspen

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Value of Trees - Andy Jackson Leicestershire County Council

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Value of Verges - Lucie Hoelmer Leicestershire County Council

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What is Social Value? - Julie Cartwright Eurovia

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Value Through Procurement - Owen Jenkins Oxfordshire County Council

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Creating Better Places And Spaces - Philip Reid Stuart Townsend Eurovia

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