MHA+ Alliances and Sustainability Webinar – Day one theme Innovation and connectivity

Date and Time

Date(s): 12/10/2020
Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Event Description

This year’s event will follow on from 2018 theme (Aspirations and Alliances) with the theme ‘Alliances and Sustainability’. Speakers will focus on the new alliances we are forging in particular the merging with MSIG and WMHA and the potential this offers to members.

The event programme will also explore:

  • how we have worked with our partners, new and old, to deliver schemes post COVID – 19;
  • the current challenging pipeline of projects;
  • how we link to the industry to make our delivery processes better; and
  • how we build capacity.

Day one: Innovation and connectivity

Webinar 1: to take place at 9.30: Collaboration – Angus Bodie, Programme Manager, Roads Collaboration Programme
Webinar 2: to take place at 11.30: SMART inspections: Dynamic Response Intelligent Monitoring System DRIM – Darryl Fossett, Waterman Aspen
Webinar 3: to take place at 2.30: Building Information Management (BIM) – Phillip Reid, Eurovia

All webinars will be available via MS Teams.

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